Tyler Candle Glamorous Detergent (32 oz.)

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If you love Tyler Candle Co. fragrances, the Tyler Glamorous Wash will let you enjoy your favorite scents throughout the day and night. The Tyler detergent has been formulated to clean effectively yet remain gentle on delicate, specialty fabrics. Use the Glamorous Wash to clean your linens, lingerie, fine fabrics, and much more for the long lasting, soothing aroma of Tyler fragrances.

The wash can be used for both machine washing and hand washing.

Limelight- Limelight is a very popular fragrance. It is a clean, fresh blend of pure mandarin oranges with a surprising touch of lime. A hint of rich vanilla bean oil gives this fragrance a very unique twist.

Give your linens a fresh citrus scent! The 32 oz. Glamorous Wash is the most popular size. This concentrated detergent uses less than normal detergents and leaves a nice lingering fragrance on your linens and clothes. The Limelight scent is perfect for spring and summer due to its fresh, clean fusion.  

Diva- Diva is a delicious combination of fruits and rich florals. Aromatic chocolate and amber complete the luscious scent.

Entitled- Privilege is perfection & special treatment is immediately granted!!! Rich sugared oranges, meld with tart lemons, and limes, reminiscent of exotic mountain greens!

High Maintenance- High Maintenance is one of Tyler's most popular fragrances.  It is a floral, woody blend of patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone!!